Election Results for Open BOD and SAC Seats
As communicated in April by the Board Election Committee, American Academy had one open position for election on the Board of Directors (BOD) and one open position on the School Accountability Committee (SAC) this year. The deadline for candidates to submit a statement of interest was Thursday, April 18.

Only one candidate for the BOD and one candidate for the SAC submitted a statement of interest. Because these spots were not contested, there was no need for an election this year.

Please join us in congratulating the following new members of the BOD and SAC! Read on for their bios.

New BOD and SAC Members
Michelle Slovensky
Michelle is the Intelligent Campus Program Manager at the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). As a strategic and technical leader, she implements energy, natural resource, renewable energy systems and high performance building projects that assist both federal government and the energy industry. She is also a spokesperson and educator for the laboratory and as such conducts education workshops for other federal and state agencies, Fortune 500 companies and universities.

Prior to joining the American Academy Board of Directors this spring (she was appointed by the Board of Directors to fill a vacancy left by a previous board member), Michelle served two terms on the American Academy School Accountability Committee (SAC) as the chair. She has enjoyed her experience on the Board of Directors and if given the opportunity, she would like to continue nurturing American Academy's vision and supporting the administration and staff of the school in achieving that vision.

She grew up in the northeast and moved to Colorado in 1995 after attending graduate school at Harvard University. Michelle, her husband George, and her daughter Danika live in Castle Rock.

Kerrie Riker-Keller
Kerrie holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from University California Santa Barbara and an MBA from California Polytechnic University Pomona. She spent many years in the financial services industry working with high-level investors at a large corporate pension and retirement fund. Most recently, she has been working in captive insurance and managing a large number of private insurance companies. She and her husband also own a real estate investment business in Colorado.

Kerrie spent the last three years on the Douglas County School District's (DCSD) Fiscal Oversight Committee (FOC) and most recently served as the Chairperson. The FOC provides assistance to the DCSD Board of Education as it relates to oversight of banking, accounting and budgeting matters. In addition, she currently serves as the Chairperson of the DCSD Joint Subcommittee which is tasked with educating the community about the fiscal and structural needs of DCSD and designing the DAC/SAC budget priority feedback project for the next school year.

While she has enjoyed volunteering at the district, Kerrie is looking forward to getting more involved at American Academy, where her daughter attends school. She is passionate about ensuring that all students in Douglas County have the best educational opportunity available to them, and she and her husband are both strong charter school advocates.

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