A Little Extra Help
American Academy teachers occassionally like to offer private tutoring sessions during the summer months. We have listed those teachers here for your convenience and to give our wonderful, hard-working teachers a helping hand. However, please note that American Academy is not involved in these private tutoring arrangements in any way. To make arrangments for summer private tutoring, you will need to contact the teachers directly using the contact info they have provided below.
Name: Erin April
Phone: 512-663-7807
E-mail: eapril@aak8.org
Grades: K-2
Availability: Tu/Th, June 6 – July 28, 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
Specialty: Literacy and Math

Name: Sommer Bannan
Phone: 916-241-5800
Email: sbannan@aak8.org
Grades: 7-11
Availability: Mo-Fr, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Specialty: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Grammar

Name: Benji Billman
Phone: 614-531-0459
E-mail: bbillman@aak8.org
Grades: 6-12
Availability: We/Th
Specialty: Middle and High school math (up to Calculus)

Name: Christine Chardon
Phone: 425-381-1998
E-mail: cchardon@aak8.org
Grades: K-2
Availability: Mo-Fr, until mid-July.
Specialty: Math and Literacy

Name: Shannon Donohoe
Phone: (720) 270-9386
E-mail: sdonohoe@aak8.org
Grades: 6-8
Availability: Open mornings and afternoons
Specialty: Language Arts

Name: Jennifer Gay
Phone: 303-517-7113
E-mail: jgay@aak8.org
Grades: 4-8
Availability: All summer
Specialty: Math and Literacy

Name: Amanda Gray
Phone: Email preferred
Email: amandargray@gmail.com
Grades: 5-9
Availability: We
Specialty: All Math (up through Geometry)

Name: Nicole Grubb
Phone: 720-810-6965
E-mail: ngrubb@aak8.org
Grades: 3-5
Availability: Tu/Th (other days by special arrangement)
Specialty: Math and Literacy

Name: Mark Leadbetter
Email: mleadbetter@aak8.org
Grades: Middle school
Availability: Any!
Specialty: Math (all the way up to Algebra II) and History

Name: Christine Manning
Phone: 303-263-8311
Email: cmanning@aak8.org
Grades: 1–5, middle school Math
Availability: May, June, mid-Aug and next school year
Specialty: Literacy, Math

Name: Sharon Mazzitelli
Phone: 303-931-6574 (cell)
Email: smazzitelli@aak8.org
Grades: 4-6
Availability: Flexible
Specialty: Math help, math acceleration, math and science enrichment

Name: Melissa McKitterick
Phone: 720-292-5286
Email: mmckitterick@aak8.org a
Grades: 2 (incoming and outgoing)
Availability: Flexible
Specialty: Math and Reading

Name: Kasey McHugh
Phone: 520-245-1422
Email: kaseylmchugh@gmail.com
Grades: K-3
Availability: June 1- 12, July 10- August
Specialty: Reading and Math. Other subjects on request!

Name: Candyce Miller
Phone: 303-523-6009
Email: cmiller@aak8.org
Grades: 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Availability: Mo-Fr, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm (not available June 4-10)
Specialty: Math, Writing, Reading Comprehension and History

Name: Whitney Millikin
Phone: 804-512-6866
E-mail: wmillikin@aak8.org
Grades: 5-8
Availability: Mornings or afternoons, Mo-Fr in June, July 1-8, and August
Specialty: English/literacy (reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary)

Name: Michael Monte
Phone: 303-875-7242
E-mail: monte.family97@yahoo.com
Grades: 5-10
Availability: Mo,Tu,We,Th, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm)
Specialty: Saxon Math, Course 1, Course 2, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry

Name: Karen Paez
Phone: 720-883-8630
Email: kpaez@aak8.org
Grades: KindiePrep - Kindergarten
Availability: Tu/We/Th mornings, 8:00 am - 11:00 am
Specialty: Reading, Writing, Math

Name: Amanda Pearo
Phone: (631) 294-5926
Email: apearo@aak8.org
Grades: All
Availability: Tu
Specialty: Music

Name: Amanda Rusten
Phone: 303-915-8367
Email: arusten@aak8.org
Grades: 1-8
Availability: Tu
Specialty: Instrumental music: piano, brass, woodwind, concert percussion (not drum set), and orchestral strings (no guitar)

Name: Anna Sampson
E-mail: asampson@aak8.org
Grades: 3, 4, 5
Availability: Tu/Th mornings
Specialty: Math, Reading, Writing

Name: Erika Smith
Phone: 720-292-5645
E-mail: esmith@aak8.org
Grades: 5-12
Availability: Most of the summer; vacation dates TBD
Specialty: mathematics or study methods/test taking skills

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