Parent Information Meetings (posted by Cara Black; 07/18/16)
The IT Department has scheduled One2One parent information meetings in August for parents wanting or needing more information on our laptop loan program. The meetings are optional for everyone, but recommended for parents of incoming 5th graders who will be participating in One2One for the first time. Parents may attend meetings at either campus - choose one that's convenient for you! The dates and times are below so you can plan ahead:
August 10 --- CP (1st Floor Tech Lab) 10-10:30am
August 10 -- CP (1st Floor Tech Lab) 2:30-3pm
August 11 -- PKR (1st Floor Tech Lab) 10-10:30am
August 11 -- PKR (1st Floor Tech Lab) 2:30-3pm
August 11 - CP (1st Floor Tech Lab) 4:30-5pm
August 12 -- PKR (1st Floor Tech Lab) 11-11:30am
August 30 --- CP (Cafeteria) immediately after morning Carpool
August 31 --- PKR (Cafeteria) immediately after morning Carpool

One2One Forms (posted by Cara Black; 07/08/15)
The required One2One forms can be found under the Downloads section. Parents will sign the forms during summer Registration.

One2One Handbook (posted by Cara Black; 07/08/15)
It is strongly recommended that both students and parents review the One2One Handbook.
Click here to view the One2One Handbook

One2One FAQ (posted by Cara Black; 07/08/15)
We encourage parents and students to review the One2One FAQ sheet.
Click here to view the One2One FAQ sheet

Parent Password for Student One2One Laptop (posted by Cara Black; 07/18/16)
The American Academy IT Department does not allow students to install software on their One2One laptops. For this reason, students are not be able to install the printer drivers required for them to use printers outside of American Academy's network. However, parents CAN install those printer drivers with a special parent user account called "PARENT”.
An email with that password to the parent user account was sent to the parent email address on file with the school from the week of August 29. Please refer to this email for your PARENT account password and instructions.
If you have any questions or need further assistance, please email the IT Department.

Parental Controls - Internet Monitoring (posted by Cara Black; 07/18/16)
If you wish to setup parental controls or internet filtering for your student while on your home WiFi, we recommend a FREE product called OPEN DNS. Please look under the LINKS section for more information.
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