American Academy KindiePrep is open to all children who will be four years to five years of age by October 1, or three years old by August 1. If you'd like to add your student to the waitlist for American Academy KindiePrep, please click on the link below!

Join the American Academy KindiePrep Waitlist

Once you complete the required information, you will be placed on the waitlist for KindiePrep. The waitlist is included in a lottery on December 5 each year and students are offered enrollment in lottery order. We begin making enrollment calls each year in January for the following school year. KindiePrep enrollment priorty will happen in order as follows:

1) FIRST PRIORITY: Current AA families

2) SECOND PRIORITY: Families that register before December 5 and are included in the lottery, in lottery order.

3) THIRD PRIORITY: Families who add themselves to the list for KindiePrep after December 5, in the order in which you sign up.

Please see our Enrollment Policy for more information on our lottery procedures and what you'll need to do if your child is offered a spot.

Please note: Students who attend American Academy KindiePrep are guaranteed a spot in the American Academy K-8 program. A mini-lottery is run for students completing KindiePrep to determine the order in which families get to select a campus and section for kindergarten.

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