Volunteering at American Academy
There are many ways to get involved and volunteer at American Academy! We always need volunteers for carpool, lunch and lunch recess duty. In fact, even if the sign-up is full, feel free to come on by and help out! We never turn away the generous offer of help from our parents.
This page lists just a few of the different volunteer opportunities that are available at the school. Your room parent and/or teacher may also publish volunteer opportunities. Room parents often coordinate opportunities to volunteer for in the classroom, and the PTOs offer volunteer opportunities on a variety of committees.
If you would like to get started as a volunteer, check out the sign-ups below (activated during the school year) or attend one of the monthly PTO meetings at your campus. If you would like to learn more about the inner workings at American Academy, feel free to attend an SAC meeting! The PTO and SAC meeting dates are posted on the front page Event Calendar during the school year.
PLEASE NOTE: Volunteer hours must be in service to American Academy (classroom, PTO, PAB, SAC, recess, carpool, library, etc.), not an outside organization, even if it’s a really good one, even if it meets at the school or is made up entirely of American Academy students (for example, volunteering to help TGA Tennis teach American Academy students in the gym doesn’t count; volunteering to run a Girl or Boy Scout troop at the school doesn't count).

Volunteers may only log hours for actual time spent, NOT in exchange for dollar value of items purchased. In other words, volunteer hours are not awarded for monetary donations. But time spent acquiring donated items or gift cards absolutely counts (time to drive to the store, etc.).

Thank you for volunteering!

If you can help with carpool, please sign up below. If you happen to have extra time on your hands and just want to stop by to help, please do! We never turn away help even if you did not sign up!
If you can help with carpool at the CASTLE PINES campus, click on the link below. (2016-2017 link coming soon!)
CP Carpool Volunteer Sign-up
If you would like to help with carpool at the PARKER campus, please click on the link below. (2016-2017 link coming soon!)
PKR Carpool Volunteer Sign-up

Lunch time at American Academy is a perfect opportunity for you to volunteer. We need help monitoring the students while they are eating in the cafeteria as well as while they are playing on the playground. If you can help out, please sign up at the correct campus below.
If you would like to help monitor students during lunch and recess, please sign up here. (2016-2017 link coming soon!)
CP - Volunteer for lunch recess
If you would like to help monitor students during lunch and recess at the Parker campus, please sign up here.
PKR - Volunteer for lunch recess

Mr. Condry (Mr. "See" to his students) invites parents to come to his classroom and help students in the art classroom. If you would like to help out, please look for the monthly sign-ups here!
PKR - Volunteer to help in Mr. Condry's K-5 art class

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