Welcome to AA Volunteer Hours Tracking
Use the Online Volunteer Hours Tracking system to enter new volunteer hours and to view and update your volunteer hours for the current or prior school years. Hours recorded with a Volunteer Date occurring on or after June 1st are counted toward the current school year. Hours must be logged by midnight of the last day of the month in order to be counted toward our monthly recognition of families who have met or exceeded their 40 hours.
Thank you for volunteering your time to help our school and our kids!
Directions for Logging and Tracking Volunteer Hours:
  • Enter a New Record: Complete all of the fields and click Insert to add a new record. You will not be able to view or edit records you added without a valid student number.
  • Finding Family Volunteer Records: Select a School Year, enter your family number, and enter the Student Number for any of your AA students. Click on Find My Family Records. You will be able to view your total hours volunteered and view and edit of your volunteer hours entries to date.
  • Finding Family Number: Your Family Number is the same as your carpool ID number. If you are unsure what your Family Number is, please refer to your carpool ID tag or call the Front Office at your campus.
  • Finding Student Number: You can find student numbers for your kids in the Parent Portal. Simply select a student and their student number will display on the upper right of your screen.
  • Editing Family Volunteer Records: Click Edit to the left of the item, make your changes, and click Update.
  • Adding a Family Volunteer Record: Add a record by completing the fields at the bottom and click Insert.
  • Sorting: Click on a column name to sort by that column.
  • Deleting a Record: Click on Delete to the left of the item.
View and Manage Existing Volunteer Records for YOUR Family
IMPORTANT! Volunteer hours are totaled each year based on Family Number; they are not totaled by student number nor by family/volunteer name. Your Family Number is the same as your carpool number. If you record hours using any other number, the record will be disregarded and the hours will not be counted for your family and you will need to re-enter the hours using the correct Family Number. Please see the "Directions" section, above, for more information on verifying your family number and/or how to view/confirm the hours you have recorded so far this year.
School Year Family Number Student Number

OR Record Volunteer Hours
Family Number First Name Last Name Volunteer Date Volunteer Hours Volunteer Type Volunteer Comments