Completing this online form prior to midnight of the day before the date of the lottery will ensure that your family is included in the lottery for the upcoming school year.  Please be aware that completing this form in no way obligates you to enroll your child nor does it guarantee your child(ren)’s enrollment in American Academy.
Once you have added your child(ren) to American Academy's waitlist system, you will receive login information, allowing you to update your information or check your status at any time.  Once the lottery has taken place, you will be able to view the position on the waitlist of each student.
Please refer to the American Academy Enrollment Policy for detailed information on the lottery date, lottery process and rules.

STEP 1 of 5: Add Name/Check Waitlist
Please provide the student's last name, your phone number and email address.  We will search to see if your family is already on our waitlist.  If so, you will be sent an email with your login information so you can verify and update your child(ren)'s information.  If you are new to the list, you will proceed to the next step.
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